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For Brittany, her love for gemstones began when she was living in Byron Bay, Australia. Going through a period of transformation and change while living abroad, she found that using crystals as a means of grounding and protection provided her with the comfort she needed. After a few years, her dad had passed away and she wanted to offer her family members the same sense of comfort that she found with crystals. She had learned that Ocean Jasper was known as the grieving stone, so the two created a bracelet for each family member to wear together and Shiny Soul Creations organically transpired from there.

For Victoria, as long as she can remember she's been drawn to people’s’ stories. She credits this, for her deep passion for counseling and psychology. Her connection and intuitive nature has also made her increasingly aware of the various energies around her. The idea of being able to create a product that people could connect to whether it be physically, energetically or emotionally felt important to Victoria.


The idea to create Shiny Soul Creations began when Brittany and Victoria started gifting their creations. Find out more about Shiny Soul Creations here


Photo: Natasha Bangay

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